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Redbone forever

A unique and innovative band of native americans
becomes a hit maker from the early seventies

Redbone is a rock band created in 1969. The band was formed in Los Angeles, California by the brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas, two Native Americans, in 1968. Two other native americans joined them, Tony Bellamy on rythm guitar and Pete DePoe on drums. They produced a few hits, among which the single Maggy, The Witch Queen of New Orleans and Come and Get Your Love who recently (2014) made it's comeback in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The band performing live.

A living band in the XXIst century

Pete DePoe is sharing some memories with us here. Redbone is still active and has produced two new CDs between 2000 and 2010, one with covers of their past standards and one with new compositions and Pat produced a solo album in 2012.

You can listen Pat on his weekly radio show.

And read Pat's interview for his 75th anniversary here