A new CD

Pat Vegas is still active and has released a new CD: Ambergris. Here is on extract from one of the new songs.

We are all impatient to listen to the whole album now that it has been published…

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Lots of new videos of our favarite band to see here

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An old Pat and Lolly Vegas song

Redbone is a rock band from the 1970s. The band was formed in Los Angeles, California by the brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas, two Native Americans, in 1968.
Playing rock music with latin, native american, funk and jazz roots, they produced a few hits, among which the single Maggy, The Witchqueen of New Orleans and Come and Get Your Love.
Redbone est un groupe de rock des années 70. Le groupe a été formé par deux frères indiens, Pat et Lolly Vegas, en Californie en 1968.  
Leur musique est un mélange de funk, rock, jazz et musique traditionnelle indienne très original. Ils ont marqué leur temps par quelques gros succès :
: Maggy, The Witchqueen of New Orleans et Come and Get Your Love

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19 september 2011

I'm searching for infos about Redbone (photos, live recordings, infos…).
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