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Come and Get Your Love

A Celebratory Ode to Redbone

Pat Vegas is sharing all his memories here. With the help of Jim Hoffman he gives a book that retraces the history of the biigest Native American rock band. And his own history and the stories of the musicians that created this unique band and unique sound. He talks about his and his brother Lolly's childhood. The book is profound, with lots of anecdotes and precise informations. A “Must Have” for all the fans.
A book you can order here.

To give you a glimpse of this great book, here is how it starts:
I was born on St. Patrick’s Day, 1941. When we played Bandstand in ‘74 with our hit record, “Come And Get Your Love,” Dick Clark introduced me as, “Pat Vegas . . . the perpetual optimist.” (Limnios, “Native American Musician…”) Brother - was he ever right! The luck of the Irish helped me too, a Mexican Native American. Who would have thought that? I SURE DID! But truthfully, our success was God Almighty spiritual.

When I was born, I was considered a “blue baby” (lack of oxygen due to heart or vessel problems, so I had to have a complete blood transfusion. The doctor announced over the loudspeaker, “If someone has type O blood, for a young baby boy who needs a blood transfusion, would you please consider donating?” My mom told me an Irishman walked in with a big red beard and said, “I’ll do it, but I get to name him!” This still makes me laugh. This is absolutely true! And the proud Irishman named me Patrick. His name was John Joseph Patrick “Aloysius” Murphy. So, I no doubt literally have Irish blood, thanks to this saint of a man...

Our music was special to so many people. Rock is rock but Native American Swamp Rock . . . now that’s something truly soulful. It was something I saw from afar, mijos and mijas. My brother and I always loved Native music . . . the chants especially. But I always knew, always knew, that if Lolly and I worked hard, we could come up with Native American music that would appeal to everyone.