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1970 - Redbone

The first Redbone album is a double one !

The first Redbone album is musically completely accomplished. I discovered the band through this double album in the late seventies.
Full of ancient rythmes, stabbing melodies and these funky guitare solos coming out of nowhere, Redbone whose on top of their talent from their beginning. Listen to Crazy Cajun or Danse Calinda to have perfect examples of their first style. In my opinion this may be the album that will stay the most intemporal because of it's very "roots" feelings.

Redbone front cover

The songs

Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band (lead : Pat)
Prehistoric Rhythm (lead vocal : Lolly)
Niki Hokey (lead vocal : Tony) - Lyrics
Promise I Won't Let It Show (lead vocal : Pat)
Minor Seventh Heaven (lead vocal : Lolly)
Night Come Down (lead vocal : Lolly)
Tennessee Girl (lead vocal : Lolly)
Rebecca (lead vocal : Tony)
Jambone (instrumental)
Little Girl (lead vocal : Lolly) - Lyrics
Chance to See (lead vocal : Pat) - Lyrics
Red and Blue (lead vocal : Lolly)
Suite Mode (instrumental)
(I Can't) Handle It (lead vocal : Lolly)
I'm a Man (instrumental)
Danse Calinda (lead vocal : Pat)
Things Go Better (instrumental)

Redbone back cover

The Band Members

Lolly Vegas: vocals, guitar
Pat Vegas: vocals, bass
Tony Bellamy: vocal, guitar
Pete DePoe: drums

Produced by Lolly Vegas and Pete Welding
Engineer : Bob "Groovus" Breault


Crazy Cajun single cover


Niki Hoeky

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